Gabriello Entertainment Europe will in the coming seasons produce epic 3D IMAX feature film productions in            Co-production with partners within the international feature film industry. The first epic 3D IMAX feature film production will be ANDREA CHÉNIER adapted from Umberto Giordano & Luigi Illica's world-famous historical Verismo opera Andrea Chénier. 

Jean Auguste Dominique Angel for filmscr

The epic 3D IMAX feature film opera is adapted from the Italian opera composer Umberto Giordano & the Italian opera librettist, author and journalist Luigi Illica, who also wrote the libretto for many of the most famous of all Italian composers in the Italian Verismo Giacomo Puccini - among Manon Lescaut. La Boheme, Tosca and Madama Butterfly. 

Many opera films have been made before more or less transferring the stage play of the given opera directly to feature film supported by a soundtrack with some of the most fabolous opera singers in the world ending up in a result, which more or less can be described as filmed theater, which not only dramatically and looking from a feature film point is very boring, but also demanded a certain specialist knowledge about opera from the cinema audience watching reaching mostly out for the steady international opera audience, which mostly consists of middle age and elderly academic people with high education, with higher working positions in society and being quite wealthy. This is not the case in our filming of Andrea Chénier. We are first of all making a fabolous epic 3D IMAX feature film depicting the French Revolution historical correct down to the smallest historical detail, but also inspired by the great painters of the Neo Classicisme of the time. We are making a feature film, which will catch the positive attention of both a young, middle aged and elderly cinema audience - said shortly a general cinema audience, which do not necessarily have a colossal knowledge of the classical European Opera Theater and its dramatic conventions. When a cinema audience do not have any certain knowledge of opera, music, dramatic conventions etc. - and in addition hate to read subtitles, we have chosen to make an epic 3D IMAX feature film, which not only interprets the Italian sung dialogue, but also visualize the libretto, so the cinema audience more or less can see the libretto come alive on screen. To do that we have chosen a visual naturalistic style, where we use the modern film media's endless possibilities of visual effects - "CGI" (computer generated imaginary) and physical VFX all bound dramatically to the storytelling of the drama, to religious, political and symbolic themes.


To say it short: The art of opera meets The Lord of the Rings in adventurous visual style to tell the social historical drama of The French Revolution - that is the time right before the outbreak of The French Revolution and the time and brutal and most horrifying events in the last part of the "Period of Terror" costing more than 100.000 citizens the life all over France and more than 4000 people the life in the guillotines in Paris. 


It is also the story about eternal love - a love between the young courageous poet Andrea Chénier and the young divine beautiful noble woman Maddalena di Coigny being so strong that it finally conquers death. It is the story about jealousy from Maddalena's former slave and teacher Carlo Gérard, who also is in deep love with her, but cannot due to his low position as a simple servant in the household of the wealthy di Coigny noble family can declare his love for her, but that changes, when the French Revolution rises and turns the society 180 degrees social political and Carlo Gérard becomes an important revolution leader and chief of the Jacobin political party and revolutionary leader Maximilien de Robespierre's secret police. 

Our epic 3D IMAX Andrea Chénier feature film is now in development. World-famous tenor/baritone/conductor Placido Domingo has accepted to conducted the opera part of the soundtrack and become one of several executive producers on the film. The Italian film producer Enzo Sisti will produce the film from the moment that we move into pre-production. Several major Hollywood actors are currently interested in playing the principal roles and supporting roles of the drama lip singing to pre-recorded operatic voices of the right Italian Verismo sound quality. 

We are right now looking for the film director to direct this fabolous historical 3D IMAX feature film opera.