Gabriello Entertainment Europe will in the coming seasons produce epic musical & theatrical productions special built for performances in major arenas and historical places.

The repertoire will consist of well-know and new Broadway, West End, Disney Musicals. 


In our production we will use all sorts of visual and physical effects from LED screens, 3D Holograms, lazer guided 3D sound system etc. to give our audience a fabolous experience.

The musical performances will be together with the opera repertoire be performed in two major European tours visiting 8 arenas in 8 different European Countries - each season we will do 96 repetition concerts. 


We will end each season with 2 major arena cross over Christmas & New Year gala concerts with world-famous artists from both opera, musical, rock, pop, ballet, dance, jazz, heavy metal etc. 

All the above videos are promotion videos for various musical productions downloaded from YouTube from various musical theater's, production companies and do not show any actual productions of Gabriello Entertainment Europe, but are only shown for illustrating that we are a company, which in the future will produce fully staged musical productions.

point to the video and press the small loudspeaker on the timeline to hear sound.